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Nearby Attractions



The Salmon River affords many kinds of recreational opportunities. Rafting, tubing, kayaking and fishing are popular during the summer months. There are fantastic guide companies in the area that will provide amazing rafting experiences. We have personally used The Rafting Company and they provided an excellent time with a nice warm meal.



The Sawtooth mountains are an epicenter for killer mountain bike rides. There are trails ranging from beginner to advanced, family friendly paths and single track routes to appease anyone and their skill levels. For those who don't want to haul their own bikes, there are rental locations in Stanley to help alleviate the stress of packing one more thing. 



The Ranch is located in the most ideal spot for those wanting to go on ATV adventures. Whether you want to bring your own or rent ATVs from the Sawmill Station across the street, all you have to do is hop on and you can leave directly from the ranch. Squaw Creek Road will lead you to miles of amazing trails that the entire family will enjoy. 

Image by Luca Bravo


If you haven't visited Redfish Lake before, it's a must-do while in the area. Only about 45 minutes from the Ranch, but worth every second to experience the most breathtakingly clear glacier water surrounded by vast Sawtooth mountains. The sandy beaches, and clear water combined with options to rent boats, paddle boards, etc., and then dine right on lake are a recipe for an incredible day.

Image by Foto Pettine


If you’ve imagined your rustic dream wedding location with gorgeous mountain views, acres of green grass, and bald eagles soaring in the background, this might be the perfect place. There is plenty of space to set up a wedding venue, lots of kitchen space to prepare food, tables and chairs for lots of guests, and built-in accommodations to fit all of the most special people in your life.

Two Men Fishing in the River


World-class Steelhead fishing is very popular in the spring along the Salmon River. A quick mile drive will land you at one of our local stocked fishing ponds. Thanks to the Fish and Game department, our local pond is stocked with 300 fish during each of the summer months while there is good water. It makes the perfect fishing spot for kids, families, and even those who want a good chance at a successful fishing day. 



The Sawtooth Mountains have no shortage of amazing natural hot springs to visit. Along the Salmon River there are a variety of relaxing locations, in addition to some incredible gems at the end of various hikes. Experiencing the amazing scenery while soaking in nature is always a family hit! We recommend Sunbeam, Slate Creek, and Gold Bug hotsprings if you have the time.

Image by Lo Sarno


Only 30 minutes away is the Challis golf course for those who want to go and indulge in day on the green. It's known for being one of the longest nine hole courses in Idaho, and also has a beautiful walking path around the course and clubhouse. In the summers, you can check the schedule for music concerts being hosted at the amphitheater on the property.

Image by David Dibert


If your family wants to experience the beauty of the Sawtooths from a unique view, Mystic Saddle Ranch or Redfish Lake Corrals can guide you on an epic horseback riding experience with incredible views and fun for all. It's a great way to get deeper into the backcountry and experience true nature at its finest.



Finding a beautiful hiking trail isn't hard to do in this area. Whether you want to just take off from the ranch and explore Squaw Creek or drive to a trail, there is so much to explore and see. Apps such as all All Trails or Hiking Project can clue you in to difficulty level, location, and distance so you can plan the perfect trek for you and your crew.

Image by Alif Ngoylung


The May Family Ranch is located in the perfect spot for any level of photographers who are passionate about wildlife and the outdoors. Deer, elk, sandhill cranes, bald eagles and a variety of other birds are amazing photography subjects. With the mountains, river, creeks and fields around, there are endless possibilities for great moments to capture.

Rock Climbing


If you have your gear and want to find some good climbs, there are lots of routes as close as just a few minutes drive away. Depending on skill level and climbing background, you can find a variety of alpine, trad and sports routes. Take the whole family or go on a solo adventure, just be sure to tell somewhere where you are going to be on the safe side.



All you have to do is head out straight from the property to find miles of trails up Squaw Creek Road, or take a trailer to Stanley and find either fresh powder or beautifully groomed trails. It’s a hot spot to enjoy the backcountry and you’re sure to find some amazing views, hopefully alongside some good company. Come see why people from all over enjoy snowmobiling in the Sawtooths.



If you love cross country skiing, come stay and enjoy groomed trails close by. For backcountry skiing, head right out your door from the property and go up the road into beautiful country. While large ski resorts are almost two hours away, you can hit the slopes within a 35 minute drive to the $5 family-friendly Chipmunk Ski Hill. It has the largest tow rope in Northern America and is a great way to enjoy the powder on a budget!



In either direction of the Ranch you can take a quick drive to ghost towns like Custer and the gold dredge, located up the Yankee Fork Canyon, the old mining town of Bonanza, or the beautiful Bayhorse state park. You can take guided tours or self-guide your experience of local history. If you ask around they will even take you down to pan for gold which is always a hit with the kids.

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